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expecting people to understand you and your opinions is way too much expectation - it’s not worth getting upset about when they don’t as long as you’re doing your best.  

when the trees shake in the wind in front of the moon, it looks as though the moon is sparkling :p


Hello to anyone somehow reading my rant.  

Most people with any interest in politics will at some stage get hugely frustrated at the bias and outright lying of the printed media in our country.  

I am now at a stage where I do not understand why smart media use most media at all.  

Take BBC News, the standard televised news show in the UK.  Not only does it take 1/2 an hour to tell you what you could have easily found out in five minutes online - it makes it immensely dull despite the resources available in the 21st century, and simplifies everything to the extent that they must assume you are a moron.  

The written press isn’t much better.  Overlooking the bias inherent throughout, it has gotten to the stage when you already know what the headlines will most likely be the night before publishing.  Any informative value is therefore non-existent.  As for the reviews and opinions, the level of intellect on which the issues are discussed is mind-numbing unless your understanding of the issue is very limited.  As far as I’m concerned it is a huge waste of time.  

The US Independent commentator Dan Carlin made the excellent point that a live feed at all times would make for some of the most compelling TV imaginable - live coverage of iraq, or afghanistan, or syria or lebanon.  The only times I am glued to the news is when this is the case and BBC24 allows you to really see what’s going on.  Why when the resources are so available do news channels not insist on doing anything worthwhile such as this?

Beyond a select group of publishings and google, the press seems pretty dire to me, and I find it sad that so many people seem to waste their time compulsively viewing it.  

i don’t feel under pressure doing something that i love when a lot depends on it - really going for something genuine is amazing.

sadly this is in stark contrast to sitting an exam which doesn’t award you marks based on intelligence, philosophy, or theology.  having to do something false and artificial which doesn’t reward you for doing what would be something genuinely excellent and LOGICALLY WORTHWHILE in order to get somewhere where you have a great chance of really doing genuine things is so weird! and demoralising.  

the intense emotive self-expression that you witness, or, when you know the artist well, get to experience and share in at gigs is really telling - when they’re good like frank turner’s 1000th show you can be forced to act as a barrier and fear for your life but not care because you’re having such an amazing time.  

in the process of being blown away by sweep of days - blue foundation. please listen to it.